KD-300C( NCPAP with Bubble)

KD300C continuous positive airway pressure system with color LCD touch screen can be apply to all kinds of hospital of pediatrics, NICU, PICU and obstetrics department. Stable performance, safe usage, simply operation and convenient nasal connection method that can provide rapid and secure treatment solution.

It will make patients breath in mix air with controlled concentration and well humidity under the spontaneous breath condition, meantime if with proper CPAP pressure, can open airway to reduce respiratory effort and increase oxygenation efficiency. That is best way to avoid side effect and complication caused by in-drafted pure O2 like traditional treatment for the infants and babies patients. Meanwhile, it can control precisely inhaled O2 concentration, improve issues hypoxia and enhance airway quality to make sure therapy result safety for infant and baby patients.


Applicable Users: Patients of premature infants, newborns, infants and children

Applicable Departments: Neonatology department, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and pediatric intensive care unit (PICU)


1. Perfect alarm system can reduce therapy risk

2. Working Time :7-24H;

3. 4.3'Color display screen, touch screen                                                         

4. Oxygen concentration digit display, supply oxygen concentration can be precisely controlled

5. Oxygen sensor inside can keep good stability and durability

6. In the Gas supply pressure fluctuation condition, outlet flow and oxygen concentration is still stable and precise.

7. With bubble CPAP generator for adjusting pressure

8. Humidifier can keep gas temperature and humidity constant

9. Alarm system with voice, light, characters can precisely find out position of alarm information

10. 6 kinds of silicone nasal prongs, softy, protect infant effectively

Technical Parameter
Air Flow 0-12L/min
Oxygen Flow 0-12L/min

CPAP Pressure

Oxygen concentration 21-99%
Gas Supply Pressure 0.3-0.5MPa
Gas Source Air(medical use)、Oxygen(medical use)


System Security

Oxygen alarm
Oxygen sensor alarm
Power cut alarm
Gas failure alarm

Main Accessories:


Constant temperature humidifier,

Silicone nasal prong,

High pressure air/oxygen tube,


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