Applicable Users: Patients of premature infants, newborns, infants and children

Applicable Departments: Neonatology department, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and pediatric intensive care unit (PICU)

Performance Feature:

A) Built-in imported high precise flow sensor, oxygen sensor and pressure sensor

B) O2, flow and CPAP pressure can be adjustable individualy 

C) All kinds of parameters can be displayed by digit

D) Single channel air supply available with sound alert indicator

E) Inhaled gas pressure: 5-20cmH2O ( Adjustable)

F) Flow range can satisfy to all ages baby patients

G) Humidifier with auto control temperature and humidity for keeping inhaled gas constant temperature and humidity


1. O2 concentration, flow and CPAP pressure all can be mechanicak adjustable for stability and reliability. Imported sensor sampling for guarantee inspection accurate.

2. O2 percent control made in German for low, medium and high end flow outlet stability and controlling O2 concentration.

3. Minute volume of ventilation displayed by digit with A decimal for precise observation.

4. Auto-switch of CPAP pressure monitor for easy to view.

5. Humidifier for ensuring gas constant temperature and humidity.

Technical Parameter

Display Parameters

1. Display: 7.0-inch LED color screen

2. Monitoring items:

a) O2 concentration, Minute volume of ventilation, CPAP pressure

b) Upper and lower limits of O2 concentration, upper limit of CPAP pressure

Technical Parameters

1. O2 concentration: 21% ~ 100%, continuously adjustable

2. Minute volume of ventilation: 0 to 30 L/min

3. CPAP pressure: 0~20cmH2O, continuously adjustable

4. Heating and humidifying for the inhale gas: 26℃-37℃


Security and Alarm

1. Upper limit alarm value of oxygen concentration can be set up;

2. Lower limit alarm value of oxygen concentration can be set up;

3. Upper limit alarm value of CPAP pressure can be set up;

4. NCPAP can be carried out to work with single gas supply, accompanied with alarm prompt;

5. Alarm prompt of air-oxygen pressure difference;

7. Alarm prompt of oxygen sensor failure;

8. Alarm prompt of low flow;

9. Power failure alarm

10. Alarm prompt of gas supply failure



Mechanical arms    

Water collection cups    

High pressure air tube    

High pressure oxygen tube


Power socket  

Silicone tube  

Silicone loop  

Air compressor (optional)

Nasal prong   

Packing materials  

Dust cover for device    

Straight-through tube and socket   

Automatic temperature control and humidifying equipment

Power line     


Infantile CPAP non-invasive ventilators: KD300A, KD300B and KD300C

Air-oxygen mixture: air-oxygen mixer

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