Medical Air Compressor (Oil Free)

KY-3 medical air compressor(oil-free)can be applied widely in ICU ventilator, anesthesia machine, infant NCPAP and ECMO, etc for supplying stable and clean compressed air.
Smaller size, more flexible in mobility. To reach peak pressure  in 2s and continuously supply clean air with stable pressure.
Built-in imported pump core with multi-stage filtration and fast response can keep flow stable with pressure constant.
With optimized cooling system in order to avoid air compressor frequent thermal protection.
Equipped with Norgren drainer can effectively ensure the output gas is dry and clean.
Running with low noise to provide a quiet air supply environment for the user.


Performance Features

1. The excellent dust filter screen can filter out the large particle of dust in the air, ensure cleanness of the gas and effectively increase the pump service life;

2. Improved cooling system and optimization of air flow channel can reduce gas flow resistance;

3. Reduce the noise with high quality acoustic materials;

4. Built-in Norgren differential pressure drainer to  make gas dry. It keeps ventilator normally working;

5. Using Norgren pressure regulating valve in order to supply stable output flow and constant pressure.

Technical Parameters

Flow: ≥ 40 L/min

Peak flow: ≥ 80 L/min

Pressure: 0.3 - 0.5 MPa, continuously adjustable

Noise: less than 50 dB (A)

Size: 46cm × 68cm × 47cm

Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz

Power: < 600 W

System Security

Built-in imported drainer;

Built-in imported pressure regulator;


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