Blender can provide the air flow with precise oxygen concentration to infant patients and effectively prevent the inhalation of high concentration of oxygen for a long time from causing damage to the central nervous system, respiratory system and retina of the brain.

Suitable for neonatal and obstetrics.

Can be used with nasal oxygen catheters, baby incubators, oxygen masks, nebulizer, CPR and ECMO, etc.


Applicable users: Patients of premature infants, newborns, infants and children


Performance Features:

1. Work time:7*24H                                               

2. Continuously adjustable oxygen concentration flow, with precise control                                                     

3. Low requirement of external air supply pressure and strong self-adaptability of pressure                                                                               

4. It can be used to cooperate with oxygen inhalation hood, nasal oxygen tube, warm box for infants, cardiopulmonary resuscitator and others

5. High Precision, good durability and stable output airflow


Technical Parameter

Air Flow:

0-15L/min,0-25L/min,0-30L/min, can be optional

Standard configuration: single outlet,

Upgraded configuration: double outlet

Oxygen concentration:


Air supply pressure:


Air Source:

Air(medical use), oxygen(medical use)


System Security

Air/Oxygen pressure alarm



Nasal prong for special purpose of oxygen therapy

Use cooperatively with CPAP non-invasive ventilator, air-oxygen mixture and others for connection with the patient terminal during oxygen therapy


Specification: 0#, 0.5#, 1#, 2#, 3# and 4# (new model of 2015)

Material: Silicone

Softness: Soft

Bearing temperature: Within 120 ℃

Accessories: Yes

Infantile CPAP non-invasive ventilators: KD300A, KD300B and KD300C

Air-oxygen mixture: Air-oxygen mixer

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